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Efflo­res­cence Removal from Brick Pavers

IF you have white, chalky look­ing brick pavers, we can help with our efflo­res­cence removal treat­ment dur­ing the clean­ing and seal­ing process. We use Seal ‘n Lock brand Efflo­res­cence Remover, which removes the efflo­res­cence from the sur­face of the pavers, and also helps lift out addi­tional efflo­res­cence from inside the brick paver. Read below to learn more about efflo­res­cence in brick pavers.

Efflo­res­cence– What Is It?

Accord­ing to the “ICPI” (Inter­lock­ing Con­crete Pave­ment Insti­tute), efflo­res­cence is a nat­ural process, in which a ran­dom white haze may appear on the sur­face of the brick, which is caused by lime or a water sol­u­ble cal­cium oxide that rises to the sur­face after repeated sat­u­ra­tions due to rain or sprin­klers. Efflo­res­cence does not affect the integrity of the bricks and will usu­ally resolve itself with time and expo­sure to the elements.”)

The proper seal­ing of con­crete brick pavers can either retard or stop com­pletely the efflo­res­cence process due to the mois­ture pro­tec­tion achieved by the seal­ing process. How­ever, this war­ranty does not state or imply that efflo­res­cence will stop as a result of the seal­ing process.

In addi­tion, oil based seal­ers will actu­ally pre­vent the efflo­res­cence from ris­ing to the sur­face of the brick paver and get trapped under the sealer. The only fix for this is to strip the pavers of all sealer using a sol­vent or strip­per to remove the sealer com­pletely. Water based seal­ers, such as Seal n Lock are a “breathe-​able” prod­uct, mean­ing that the efflo­res­cence can escape through the sealer and be sim­ply washed away with a gar­den hose.