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Efflo-Remover Seal n LockRemoves Efflo­res­cence from Brick Pavers and Con­crete Products

Efflo­Re­mover from Seal n Lock is an organic acid which is used to remove efflo­res­cence from brick pavers (a whitish residue that is some­times appar­ent on the sur­face of the pavers) and rust from the sur­face of the pavers. Our efflo­res­cence remover is user friendly and envi­ron­men­tally safe. Efflo­Re­mover is avail­able in a 5 gal­lon pail, and should be used by an autho­rized Seal n Lock Professional.

Efflo­res­cence is the white chalky residue that can build up on your paver’s sur­face over time. It is caused by the nat­ural salts that are part of the mate­ri­als used to pro­duce pavers.

Seal n lock efflorescence remover paversWith the use of our Efflo Remover, the efflo­res­cence can be removed from your pavers. This will reju­ve­nate the color and appear­ance of your paved sur­face before using our Nat­ural Lus­ter, Super Wet, Easy Seal, or Self-​Kleen products.

Now, with our Seal ‘n Lock Sys­tem and our paver clean­ing and pro­tec­tion prod­ucts, your seal­ing con­trac­tor will be able to com­plete most brick paver clean­ing and seal­ing jobs “All In One Day” – with no wor­ries and less down­time for your brick paver project.

The Seal ‘n Lock Sys­tem and prod­ucts are man­u­fac­tured in Tampa, Florida.