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Self-Kleen Seal n LockSelf-​Kleen Is An Advanced Pho­to­cat­alytic “Self Clean­ing” Coating

Exte­rior sur­faces like con­crete, pavers, brick natural/​cultured stone and cement/​terra cotta roof tiles adds the beau­ti­ful aes­thet­ics to your home. These sub­strates (Sur­faces) can be very porous where as the dif­fer­ent stains can be absorbed into the sur­face. Also from being porous, the mois­ture col­lects into the cap­il­lar­ies and it becomes a breed­ing ground for mildew, algae and mold.

Seal ’n Lock’s pho­to­cat­alytic tech­nol­ogy in Self-​Kleen was designed to pro­tect your invest­ment and keep­ing the sur­faces look­ing beau­ti­ful. you need a sealer that will not only pre­vent stains from pen­e­trat­ing, but also one that will keep them look­ing clean for years to come.

Self-​Kleen Technology:

photo catalytic sealer

Our sealer is one of the only that works in vis­i­ble light as well as UV light where as other prod­ucts may only work in direct sunlight.

Self-​Kleen works in three ways to pro­tect and clean the sur­faces. First, it seals the sur­face and keeps stains from pen­e­trat­ing into the sub­strate. Sec­ond, it cre­ates a thin water bar­rier on the sur­face, which lies under­neath dirt and other con­t­a­m­i­nants, mak­ing it pos­si­ble for rain to wash them away. Third, it absorbs the ultra­vi­o­let rays of the sun to chem­i­cally break down mold, mildew, oil and other organic stains. The result is that the forces of Nature are employed to keep your exte­rior masonry sur­faces clean.

There are quite a few new photo cat­alytic seal­ers mak­ing claims that they “self clean­ing”, but have been not very effec­tive in a real-​world envi­ron­ment. Our Self-​Kleen photo cat­alytic coat­ing is for­mu­lated using a cut­ting edge, patent-​pending tech­nol­ogy that makes these sur­faces capa­ble of break­ing down organic stains nat­u­rally, when exposed to sun­light. The excit­ing tech­nol­ogy asso­ci­ated with our Self-​Kleen is that the sur­faces that are sealed will self-​clean stains when stains from engine oil, mold, mildew, wine and dif­fer­ent organic elements.

It can be used on con­crete dri­ve­ways, cement out­door kitchen coun­ter­tops, paver patios, stone walls and terra-​cotta roofs. Mod­er­ate stains exposed to sun­light break down com­pletely in approx­i­mately thirty days.

Our pri­or­ity as a com­pany is to develop the safest, most environmentally-​friendly prod­ucts possible.